Explore Uganda Around The Project

The project is set in a beautiful area of Rural Western Uganda. There are plenty of attractions easily accessible nearby which are well worth visiting.

Semwema Spiritual Caves

The ancient caves of Semwema are a 30-40 minute drive from the project site. They are great for a short visit to get an insight into the local culture. However the caves also offer the chance for an all day caving exploration expedition through tunnels and underground streams.

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Busimba Rock

The beautiful landscape of Busimba Rock is the backdrop to the project site. It is a short walking distance away and no technical climbing is needed to reach the top. From the summit, views are breathtaking of the surrounding chimpanzee forests, local villages and rural areas (especially at sunset or sunrise).

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Igayaza Market

The largest community market in the region. Igayaza market is every Wednesday and just 15kms from the project site. This offers a great way to see the local people plying their trade and a view of their way of life, selling all kinds of goods ranging from animal parts to fashionable clothing. Have fun haggling for huge bunches of matooke bananas!

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Nabigereka Rock

This rather peculiar rock (about 12kms from the project site) balances precariously on the top of a hilltop. The area offers great hiking opportunities and fantastic panoramic views.

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Traditional Hunters

Whilst exploring the area, meet traditional hunters, see their tools and learn from them their age old techniques.

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Hiking / Exploring / Swamps / Jungle

The landscape around is beautiful. All around the project site are jungles, plantations and wetland areas. These are great for hiking and exploring. There are high chances of spotting several monkey species, huge numbers of rare bird species and the situanga (an animal similar to an antelope which lives in the swamps)

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Busigo Cave

Busigo Cave is within an hour’s hike from the project site. The cave is well now by local people as a hiding spot for men to go and enjoy a few alcoholic drinks through the hard times of the Idi Armin Regime.

Now the cave is untouched and is a beautiful place to hike up to through the tropical jungle, enjoy the scenery along the way and take a rest in the cool shade for some lunch.

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