Chimpanzee Volunteering Positions Are Open NOW!

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Our Chimps – Officially registered as : KAYIRABWA CHIMPANZEE CONSERVANCY ASSOCIATION (KCCA) – a Non-Governmental Organisation in Kibaale District, Uganda, are looking for volunteers to help bring success to the project. Your activites will include chimpanzee monitoring and tracking aswell as a variety of tasks relating to both the wildlife and surrounding communities. This will help conserve the chimpanzees and their habitat aswell as helping local communities develop in a sustainable way and improve their standard of living.

The Chimpanzee Monitoring Experience in Uganda is a once in a lifetime intimate experience with our most vulnerable, endangered and closest relatives on our planet.

We are accepting applications from all potential volunteers, but if you have any experience in wildlife, conservation or IGP development this would be hugely beneficial.

Following Photos Show Chimpanzee Tracking and Data Collection
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Read the reports of people who have worked here in the past:-

“I have spent time working with project manager Joseph Serugo on the KCCS / Our Chimps project site…It is a great way to get a view into the traditional Ugandan life…I would like to recommend Joseph as a very credible individual and with the skills and drive to make any project a success…” [read more]Sam D’Cruz (London, UK)

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