Chimpanzee Habitat / Where Do Chimps Live ?

The broad band of rain forest throughout equatorial Africa, from the continent’s west shore to the western frontiers of the East African countries of Tanzania and Uganda, has mostly all of the world’s chimpanzee habitat. Nonetheless, several of the grasslands simply east of the vast jungle likewise offer primate habitat– but just when they consist of islands of trees or are close to the woodland edge.

The hill forest of the Albertine fault likewise houses Common chimpanzees, because their mountains, combined with the eco-friendly vegetation of the trees, use them plentiful food and also sanctuary. Additionally, the forests of the Congo River container, which contain life due to their distance to water, are regular locations where primates stay. In this ecoregion, you could see tropical forests in addition to savannas and also meadows.

Habitat for the bonobo, the chimpanzee’s close loved one, is much more restricted, with the only populations located in the jungle of the Autonomous Republic of Congo.

Chimpanzees are additionally found in forest-savanna / lowland equatorial forests mosaic as well as in montane jungle which can sit at an elevation up to around 3,000 meters.

Lowland equatorial forests that receive high levels of rainfall throughout the year (commonly greater 80 inches / 2000 mm per year). Montane rain forests, likewise referred to as cloud woodlands, are discovered in cooler-climate hilly higher areas in tropical regions.

Countries where chimpanzees are found include Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, Guinea, Liberia, Guinea-Bissau, Senegal and also Gabon — all West African nations– as well as Uganda and Tanzania in East Africa along with DRC Congo and The Autonomous Republic of Congo in central region of Africa.

Naturally, self-governing populations reside in each of these diverse habitats. Some Common primates stay in the jungle of the Cameroon Ridge, an area of highlands over 900 meters high, dressed up with numerous hills.

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